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Composting plants talk
Composting plants talk

Recycling explained by those who directly operate some of Italy's composting plants. Watch the videos.

Online platform launched to combat illegal activities in the bioplastics sector
Online platform launched to combat illegal activities in the bioplastics sector

The fight against illegality in the compostable bioplastic packaging sector intensifies with the introduction of an online platform created by Biorepack in collaboration with Assobioplastiche.

Biorepack - ANCI Agreement

First technical annex on separate collection and recycling of compostable bioplastics packaging.
A historic agreement, which allows our country to take a step forward in separate waste collection by encouraging the correct disposal of a material that is becoming increasingly widespread in Italian homes.

From 1 January 2022, separate collection of food waste will become mandatory in all Italian municipalities

Two years ahead of the deadline set by the European Union.
The regulation requires Italian municipalities to set up a separate collection service for food waste, including EN 13432-certified biodegradable and compostable packaging.  

Food waste and bioplastics collection unchanged in 2020 according to ISPRA

Assessment of composters based on the 2021 Municipal Waste Report.
Per-capita collection of food waste, which also includes compostable bioplastic packaging, is essentially unchanged in Italy at around 88.3 kg per inhabitant.

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