Online platform launched to combat illegal activities in the bioplastics sector


Biorepack’s statutory activities include a prominent role in combating illegality in the biodegradable and compostable plastic packaging sector, such as the marketing of products that do not comply with the technical and environmental characteristics required by law and the evasion and avoidance of environmental contributions.

Biorepack, with the support of Assobioplastiche, has promoted the development of an online platform to enable individuals and businesses to report suspected offences in which products that do not possess the technical and environmental characteristics required by law, are passed off as compostable bioplastics.

By accessing the platform, users can report suspected cases of illegality concerning the following products:

  • plastic bags provided for transport (carrier bags);
  • plastic bags required for hygiene purposes or provided as primary packaging for loose foodstuffs (bags for fruit and vegetables/other loose foodstuffs);
  • bags for separate collection of organic waste;
  • tableware and other items.

How does the platform work? Once a user submits a report on the platform, the case is handled by a team of specialised technicians. If there are found to be violations, verification bodies will carry out their own checks, which may result in the filing of a complaint with the competent authorities.

The new platform strengthens the commitment to protecting the biodegradable and compostable bioplastics supply chain from unlawful activity. It will reinforce existing collaborations with national and local law enforcement agencies, which are responsible for investigating irregularities and punishing offenders.