1 March 2023

A lesson in bioeconomy at Didacta Italia: new professions and new skills for Generation Z.

Didacta, the leading trade fair on innovation in education, takes place in Florence from 8 to 10 March.

ANCI-CONAI-Biorepack Agreement

Italy gets the world's first agreement for the collection of compostable bioplastic packaging

CONAI and Biorepack, together with ANCI – the Association of Italian Municipalities, signed the technical annex ...
Biorepack makes its debut at Ecomondo

From soil health to increased employment: Italian bioplastics bring great benefits for the future of Italy

The consortium for the recycling of biodegradable and compostable plastic packaging will be at the event in Rimini from 26 to 29 October.
Documentary about Anita wins Biorepack prize at CinemAmbiente

Film about the activist against droughts in Malawi wins the “From the Earth to the Earth” award

Film presented at the CinemAmbiente Environmental Film Festival in Turin wins the “From the Earth to the Earth” ...