Food waste collection, an agreement between CLARA SpA and Biorepack

“Benefits for the public, agriculture and the environment” 

Compostable bioplastics: from BIOREPACK, funding to municipalities for local communication projects
The Italian national consortium for the organic recycling of biodegradable and compostable plastic packaging has launched ...
A lesson in bioeconomy at Didacta Italia: new professions and new skills for Generation Z.

Didacta, the leading trade fair on innovation in education, takes place in Florence from 8 to 10 March.

On Thursday 9 March, two conferences intended for high school and university teachers will be held on the characteristics ...
Big events? Virtuous examples of a circular bio-economy

With compostable bioplastics and proper organic waste collection, events become virtuous examples of a circular bio-economy

Thanks to its partnership with Slow Food, at Terra Madre/Salone del Gusto 2022 the BIOREPACK consortium will help properly ...
It's music time for Biorepack

National consortium for the recycling of compostable bioplastics partners with Paolo Fresu's 'Time in Jazz' Festival

The aim of this joint enterprise is to raise awareness among artists, the public and guests on the issues of sustainability and the circular economy.
Wet waste collection, Aprilia signs agreement with Biorepack

Benefits for citizens, agriculture and the environment

An agreement has been signed today between Progetto Ambiente SpA, which handles waste collection in the Lazio municipality ...
Recycling of compostable bioplastics reaches 61% of Italian population

Legal objectives for 2025 already achieved

This was disclosed in the 2021 activity report of the Biorepack Consortium, presented today at the annual general meeting.