8 June 2023

Biorepack sponsors 26th CinemAmbiente Festival

The seventh art reminds us that our future is dependent on the health of the Earth

Italy has already surpassed its 2030 targets for the recycling of compostable bioplastics

But the amount of non-compostable material found in food waste is on the rise, jeopardising the sector’s achievements

In its 2023 management report, presented today, the Biorepack consortium declares that the recycling rate for bioplastic ...
An alliance against “fake compostable products”
Assobioplastiche, the Biorepack consortium and TÜV AUSTRIA sign a memorandum of understanding to combat illegal activities in the compostable packaging sector.
€200,000 for communications initiatives on compostable bioplastics

Here are the 15 winners of the 2024 BIOREPACK competition        

Entries submitted by local authorities and separate waste collection managers.
Didacta, discovering bioplastics with Biorepack

Two workshops for students and teachers on compostable materials and organic recycling

Biorepack, the national consortium for the organic recycling of biodegradable and compostable plastic packaging, is once ...
Compostable bioplastics: “Local Communication 2024” call for tenders published
Following the success of last year’s initiative, Biorepack has presented a new call for tenders to support local ...
Biorepack’s view on the packaging regulation

“A balanced text which corrects distortions and recognises the value of organic recycling”

Marco Versari, president of the Italian National Consortium for the organic recycling of biodegradable and compostable ...