Municipalities, operators and agreements

Servizi di raccolta differenziata

Under the ANCI-Biorepack Agreement, the consortium signs partnership agreements with local authorities – or with delegated collection service operators or organic treatment plant operators – which undertake to ensure that compostable bioplastic packaging disposed of by the public with the municipal food waste is collected, transported and sent for recycling.

Based on the amount of compostable bioplastic packaging waste that individual partners send for processing (organic recycling) as well as the quality of the municipal food waste, Biorepack makes separate financial payments to cover the following management costs:

  • Separate collection
  • Transport
  • Processing (organic recycling)

The agreements between Biorepack and Italian municipalities, or delegated operators, also provide for: 

  • Analysis of the municipal food waste collected – according to the Product Analysis Protocol – to determine changes in the quantity of compostable bioplastic waste being collected, as well as the quality, i.e. whether Non Compostable Material (NCM) is present.
  • Support through communication tools for individual collection areas to raise awareness and educate the public on how to properly collect compostable bioplastic packaging waste separately and combine with municipal food waste.

The Compostable Bioplastics technical annex became valid on 20 October 2021, the date it was signed, and will remain in force until the signing of the new Sub-Agreement provided for in paragraph 5 of Article 224 of the Environmental Code.