National agreements

The ANCI-CONAI Framework Agreement is the instrument provided for by Legislative Decree 152/06, through which the consortium system guarantees Italian municipalities will receive payments to cover charges incurred in managing the separate collection of packaging waste.

The Agreement consists of a general section setting out the general principles and implementation methods valid at 1 January 2020, and the technical annexes, one for each type of material, governing the agreements that municipalities may enter into with each consortium in the supply chain, either directly or through a third party.

The ANCI-CONAI 2020/2024 Framework Agreement with the first Compostable Bioplastics technical annex, also known as the ANCI-Biorepack Agreement, are currently in force.

For further information on the agreements, Biorepack has set up a freephone number reserved for local public authorities and delegated operators: 800 68 16 22

How to sign an agreement and submit reports

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